Relieve Your Pain through
the Subtle Hands-On
“Unlimited Body” Healing Approach!

Free Your Subconscious debilitating traumas through the Transformational
“Unlimited Breath” Sessions!

Learn to Master Your Mind through
the “Creative Questions” System!

I’m thrilled that you found my website, because now I can inspire you to use these effective tools that will stop your re-occurring struggle, pain, failure and frustration and instead re-program your mind, open up your breathing, support your healthy body and manifest a happy, wealthy Conscious Life-Style.

I started my search for a meaningful life in 1975 when I became a Tibetan Buddhist monk for 5 years. My exploration of alternative healing modalities started in 1982 and I have been a full time practitioner, coach and trainer, combining Tibetan Wisdom and the best Western Healing Modalities ever since.

Below you can find powerful and yet gentle guidance, to help you with your journey.

Unlimited Body

Unlimited Body – a gentle, yet powerful hands-on healing technique that can help you Relieve Pain, Release Tension and Stress, Improve Your Mobility and Speed Up Your Recovery, without the pain of medical side effects or a long term healing process.

Unlimited BreathUnlimited Breath – an easy to learn natural Transformational Breathing Technique. It is used to create real change in your life, and Resolve Subconscious Traumas and Deep Issues from the past that still affect you helping you to move from feeling spiritually deprived, psychologically confused, emotionally starved and depressed, sluggish in body, struggling and lacking money and passion, to establish new patterns of being spiritually fulfilled, emotionally and physically vibrant and on purpose with your goals.

Creative QuestionsThe Creative Questions system will teach you how to Master Your Mind with the use of the High Frequency Creative Questions. 

It will guide you to attain your personal specific goals through first unlearning common negative questioning habits like, “Why do I always struggle?” and erasing a their limiting results. Then you will learn how to create your ideal lifestyle with Creative Questions like, “Why can I do it?”

I also want to take this opportunity to present our latest Online Coaching Program, Expand Yourself Now which has been developed to give you the necessary daily practice so that the 52 most empowering qualities of a successful life will become deeply rooted in your consciousness.

Healing Journey to Tibet



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