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Arne’s healing journey began in the 1970’s as a practical nurse in his native Sweden, where he got his personal experience in western medicine.

Searching for a deeper meaning to life led him to Tibetan Buddhism, which remains a key inspiration for him today. Arne was a Tibetan Monk for 5 years, learning the Tibetan language and taking part in the initial efforts to translate Tibetan Dharma books into English. He held the honor of being the 24-hour personal assistant to the Tibetan Master Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.

Arne’s interest in the western approach to Personal Improvement started in 1982 with learning the hands-on healing techniques such as Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Rolfing, Aston Patterning, Reiki and Body Harmony from its founder Dr. Don McFarland, succeeding as an international Body Harmony teacher.

Arne also added the metaphysical approach to his expertise after his work with A Course In Miracles, the Rebirthing breathing technique, the International Seminar Leadership Program (ISLP) directed by Bob Mandel, and the Loving Relationships Training (LRT) under the supervision of Sondra Ray, cumulating as a Rebirther and LRT trainer.

In 1995, Arne was ready to share his unique skills. Combining his knowledge of the Tibetan approach to personal evolution with his expertise of the western healing techniques he designed two healing modalities – Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath. He is the author of two books revealing the specific techniques of these healing modalities.

Arne is also the founder of the Creative Questions Approach and the co-creator with Doctor Monica, of the popular Creative Question Cards System.

Now, after more than 35 years as a Personal Improvement practitioner and international trainer, Arne has helped thousands of people, heal physical and emotional disease, find their spiritual calling, and get passion back into their lives.

His quest for deeper knowledge on his Healing Journey brings the brightest and most direct answers to his clients worldwide, many of whom are teachers, healers and counselors themselves.

As an international authority on Personal Improvement, hands-on healing, transformational breathing, Healing Journeys to Tibet, FireWalks.

Arne Rantzen’s work lights a fire in you that inspires you to become the authority of your own life.

Arne Rantzén’s interactive, lively and experiential work helps people in all walks of life connect to their own journey. He holds workshops worldwide on the Power of Creative Questions, which inspire people to use their lives as a reminder for Conscious Evolution.

Arne activates your health, your wealth and your aliveness. He is a warm, down-to-earth teacher and coach who radiates the spirit of his work.

Through his Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath workshops and private coaching sessions, clients explore healing modalities that connect them with spirit in natural, non-intrusive ways.

Today, the hallmark of Arne Rantzén’s work is using Creative Questions as a springboard for self-discovery. His practice and his clients’ results with Creative Questions spiral outward to touch an ever-widening number of people.